Smart Life

Brief introduction

Smart life is a new way of life. The smart life platform is based on the storage of cloud computing technology. Under the guiding ideology of family scene function integration and value-added service mining, it adopts mainstream Internet communication channels and cooperates with rich smart home product terminals to build and enjoy the new smart home control system. Lifestyle, multi-faceted, multi-angle presentation of more comfortable, more convenient, safer and healthier specific scenes in family life, and then jointly create a smart community with a common smart life concept.
At present, in our smart home, wireless routers, smart speakers, Internet air conditioners, smart rice cookers, Internet refrigerators, smart TVs, smart phones, tablet computers and other devices are all important members. The realization of the current simple smart home through the above-mentioned smart devices relies on wireless technology. In our cognition, wireless technology usually refers to 4G network, WIFI wireless and Bluetooth technology. In fact, in addition to these wireless technologies, there are many wireless technologies in smart homes that we are not familiar with, such as short-range communication technologies such as Zigbee, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and wireless communication technologies such as LoRa, SigFox, eMTC, and NB-IoT.
Sunnyway Technology can provide a variety of wireless communication technology antenna solutions to escort smart life

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