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Application scenarios and features of RTK high-precision positioning antenna
RTK is a technology that uses receiver to observe the carrier phase of satellite signal in real time. It combines data communication technology with satellite positioning technology and use real-time calculation and data processing. Three-dimensional coordinates can achieve centimeter-level high precision positioning in a very short time
Generally, GNSS positioning accuracy is about 2m, and RTK high-precision positioning can meet the requirements of MM positioning, which is widely used in geodetic mapping, intelligent agriculture, UAV, assisted driving, bridge safety monitoring, etc.
In the high-precision positioning market, We keep professional and innovative attitude,Dig the application market of high-precision positioning antenna, consider the design of miniaturized antenna, and reduce the cost of antenna, promote the development of the market!
Our company has launched a number of high-precision positioning antennas, which can meet various application fields. (See our products sheet)

R&D team

To a large extent, Sunnyway's technical advantages are due to the fact that we have a strong and experienced R & D technical team. There are 80+ RF engineers in the team. After a long time of training, the team has rich experience in 5G, 4G, 3G, C-V2X, NB-IoT.GPRS. eMTC, LoRa, WiFi6, BT, GNSS and other technologies, which has laid a foundation for further development and growth.

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