Illuminating Smile: Ruby Yao & Sunnyway Technology's Journey



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 Her Smile Like the Sunhine, Bringing Light to Every Corner.

Ruby Yao, the only female participant in the Xuanyuan Academy Ling 4th, is affectionately known as the "Antenna Sister."

As the CEO of the Sunnyway  Technology, her determined gaze and unwavering resolve allow her to forge ahead in the face of any challenge, never succumbing to the countless responsibilities she shoulders.














Ruby Yao, the sole female learners in the Xuanyuan Academy Ling 4th, is fondly known as the "Antenna Sister." As the CEO of Sunnyway Technology, her determined gaze and unwavering resolve enable her to tackle any challenge head-on, never buckling under the weight of countless responsibilities.

Founded single-handedly by Ruby Yao, Sunnyway Technology has been immersed in the IoT antenna market for 15 years. Under her guidance, the company has achieved numerous milestones in antenna R&D, production, sales, and service. Their products are widely used across various IoT sectors, including smart homes, security, and cities. Ruby's entrepreneurial journey is a shining example of continuously pushing one's limits.

In an in-depth interview during the Xuanyuan Academy Ling 4th, Ruby discussed Sunnyway's growth plans, the antenna industry's outlook, the development of emerging enterprises in the value chain, and how the Lingxuan course can support the new automotive ecosystem.

Looking back on her entrepreneurial path, Ruby expressed mixed emotions about the ups and downs and the tough road traveled, but giving up was never an option. She credits her current success to her grassroots origins and the step-by-step progress made by her and her team, without taking shortcuts.

This experience has made Ruby more cautious when facing market fluctuations, allowing her to make the right calls at crucial moments. When selecting vehicle-mounted antennas, she believed new energy vehicles aligned with national development trends and saw the potential for a blue ocean market if they could balance tech, service, quality, and price.

Through Ruby and her team's tireless efforts, Sunnyway shipped 3 billion antennas in 2023, enough to circle the Earth, becoming the industry's "Senpure" This validates the correctness of Sunnyway's focus on the vehicle-mounted antenna sector.

For the future, Ruby firmly stated that for the past 18 years, they've focused on one thing: antennas. In the coming decades, she'll continue concentrating on the same, aiming to take antennas to the extreme until they go global and become world leaders. This is not just a vision for the company but also her personal dream.

Sunnyway has set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Chongqing, with over 300 employees nationwide. Ruby believes their core competitiveness lies in providing low-cost, high-quality products to meet customer needs, thanks to their 15 years of industry experience.

The biggest challenges faced are self-breakthrough and time cost management, especially in R&D. Ruby acknowledged that while design, development, and procurement costs are manageable, if R&D time exceeds competitors' by one-third or half, the product loses competitiveness due to excessive internal consumption. Improving R&D efficiency is a difficulty they're currently tackling.

Ruby is optimistic about the antenna industry's prospects, believing it's unlikely to be easily merged or replaced. With increasing intelligence levels, antenna usage is growing exponentially. She summarized it as a steady upward stage, noting that the automotive antenna industry is a double-growth industry with both opportunities and challenges.

As Mckinsey said, "Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time brings pain to dreamers and happiness to creators." Undoubtedly, Ruby is happy. In the river of time, she leads her team to continuously overcome difficulties and innovate. In the future, Sunnyway, with Ruby at its core, will always take independent technology as its development focus, provide higher-quality products and services to partners worldwide, and grow together with them to win the future.








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