New Equipment New Enhancement


"If you want to do a good job, you must first improve your tools". Continuous technology iteration is the only way for enterprises to build new core competitiveness, and the only way to better meet market demand is to keep innovating. In the first half of 2023, Sunnyway Technology introduced SAR test system and NFC active test equipment respectively to further improve product quality and enhance enterprise R&D strength.

SAR test system


The SAR test system consists of a mannequin, measuring instrument, probe pair and robotic arm, and the system is placed in an environment-controlled test chamber, where the interior of the mannequin is liquid (simulated human tissue fluid) and the electromagnetic properties of the liquid are consistent with those of human tissue, and the probe can move freely within it for testing, and finally the SAR value is calculated by the formula. The RF transmitting power of the wireless product under test, the location of the transmitting antenna, the temperature of the test environment, the proportion of the simulated human tissue fluid, the accuracy calibration parameters of the probe and other factors may affect the SAR test results.

NFC active test equipment


MIRCROPROSS' NFC active test all-in-one box is a conformance platform that can be used for ISO, ICAO, NFC Forum and EMVCo testing, supporting both analog, digital and application testing to cover the respective test specifications. In addition to the introduction of SAR test system and NFC active test equipment, Sunnyway Technology is also continuously exploring technical innovations in other fields. In the future, Sunnyway Technology will continue to uphold the core values of "integrity, unity, innovation and hard work", continuously promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and provide customers with better services and support. At the same time, Sunnyway will continue to pay attention to the development of the industry and continue to provide customers with the most cutting-edge technology and solutions.

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