Sunnyway on 2021 IOTE International exhibition


Today is the first day of the opening of the 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is "Connecting Everything, Wisdom to the World". It aims to build a complete industrial chain about the Internet of Things and build a  platform for communication. This is a grand event in the Internet of Things . Outstanding companies from all walks of life in the Internet of Things gather here. Whether you want to understand the cutting-edge trends of the IOT industry or the industry solutions, you can find the answer here. 

Sunnyway has been committed to the design of antennas for the IoT, and has a strong technical research and development team that has been deeply involved in the IoT industry for more than 12 years, empowering intelligence in many fields. 

This time, Sunnyway is dressed up to show you: high-precision positioning antenna, full-band high-efficiency 5G external antenna and SMD antenna, shark fin all-in-one antenna, C-V2X fiberglass antenna, FPC/PCB antenna, spring antenna, LDS Antennas and other products show a full range of antenna solutions for smart homes, smart cities, smart energy, smart transportation, wireless payment, smart industry, and smart agriculture. It fully demonstrates the diversification of IoT antenna customization services and the practicability of product development.


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This exhibition we brought a full-band omnidirectional C-V2X antenna. The antenna size is small, only: Φ20 x 205mm, 5850MHZ~5925MHZ full frequency coverage, 360° omnidirectional coverage, can be applied to various types of outdoor RSU equipment, with Waterproof, windproof, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good consistency.


The split high-precision L1/L5 ceramic antenna adopts a unique split design with an efficiency of up to 60% and  gain greater than 3.7dBi. Combining RTK services and high-performance L1/L5GNSS modules, it truly realizes centimeter-level positioning. It can be applied to shared bicycles, shared electric vehicles, electric skateboards, unmanned agricultural vehicles, unmanned environmentally friendly vehicles, unmanned lawn mowers, etc.


Full-band SMD LTE antenna, innovative segmented design, unique dielectric constant material, low-frequency efficiency as high as 40%, high-frequency efficiency as high as 65%. Ultra-small size, only 23*3.5mm.It is suitable for Tracker, DTU, T-BOX, hunting cameras, etc. 



5G/C-V2X GNSS all-in-one flying wing shark fin antenna. This is an innovative ID design. The flying wing is a multifunctional vehicle antenna that integrates high-performance 5G, C-V2X, and high-precision GNSS. The wing design can greatly reduce the wind resistance. Internal and 4 channels of 5G, 2 channels of C-2VX, and 1 channel of L1/L5 high-precision GNSS antennas can meet most vehicle needs, and can support customized designs according to different needs.



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