Sunnyway brand updated, starts a new journey


After 12 years of development, remarkable results have been achieved. Sunnyway launches a new LOGO and domain name, starts a new journey.

The new LOGO was officially launched

As follows:

sunnyway - 副本.jpg


Logo interpretation:

The new LOGO design concept comes from SUNNYWAY, antenna is one of the key components to realize wireless communication.         image.png   stands for signal connection, it also stands for infinity.It is perfectly in line with our mission of "wireless connection creates unlimited possibilities".Sunnyway will always adhere to the concept of "excellent quality and first-rate service". We will make wireless connection more efficient and smoother.


New Web site:

Domain name interpretation:

Our new domain name suffix "iot". Sunnyway is a professional IOT antenna supplier,People can clearly identify that our company is the IOT industry attribute. We also hope that new friends who need IoT antennas will find us quickly by searching IoT.

射频技术 (0-00-12-00).jpg

Our goal:

Sunnyway- a specialist of IOT antenna at your side

The brand visualization effect of Sunnyway will be stronger after updating the new logo and domain name. In the future, Sunnywayers will continue to carefully serve every customer and provide partners at domestic and abroad with higher quality products and services,  grow together with partners for a win-win future.



Notes: The Logo of the company's major websites, brand publicity and service materials will be gradually replaced by the new Logo. During this period, the new logo and the old logo have the same effect.

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