Sunnyway Chongqing R&D Center opened


On June 19, we welcomed the grand opening of Chongqing R&D center.With the rapid development of big data era of Internet of Things, Sunnyway has also ushered in numerous opportunities. Sunnyway always takes  technology as the core of development. We have won the trust and support of many partners at domestic and abroad.

Sunnyway continues to increase investment in 5G and the Internet of Things. On the basis of the construction of Shanghai and Shenzhen R&D centers, we specially added chongqing R&D center. 


Chongqing R&D center has a dedicated, capable and experienced team, including RF engineers, structural engineers and process engineers,

We have introduced fist-rate 3D anechoic chamber (3D), network analyzer and a series of instruments and equipment to ensure the advanced nature of products, research and development process and quality reliability, to provide strong support for the growing design needs in the market.  

The addition of the R & D center also marks that the scientific research strength of Sunnyway will be further enhanced. With a strong and experienced R & D team, sunnyway has mastered many cutting-edge technologies in the industry. Sunnyway will continue to break through itself in the new era of 5G and win the future with partners.  

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